Kentucky Business Lawyer – Providing Legal Advice to Advance Company Objectives

When businesses seek legal advice, they want advice directed toward advancing company objectives and minimizing expenses (including legal fees). In the course of litigation, for example, companies almost never want to go to trial – they usually would prefer to minimize legal costs, business disruption, and the protracted time and uncertainty associated with a trial if an acceptable resolution can be reached.

I understand.

I represent businesses and provide advice, negotiation, and drafting concerning a wide variety of matters, including corporate governance and shareholder and director matters, contracts, employment matters, leasing, and purchase and sales agreements. My business practice is centered on developing long-lasting relationships with business clients so that if any unexpected matter arises, I can provide directed advice at a moment’s notice consistent with company objectives.

I am also available to provide proactive counsel for legal risk mitigation. Typically, this entails meeting with company executives to review employment policies and procedures, as well as other legal matters that could potentially result in exposure to a company.

If Your Company Needs Legal Assistance, Please Call Me

I would look forward to learning about your business and explaining how I can help with your long-term business objectives.