Insurance Defense Representation

I provide insurance defense representation to leading insurors throughout eastern Kentucky

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Small Business Counsel & Contracts

I provide objective-based legal advice and solutions, corporate governance assistance, and contract drafting.

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Wills & Healthcare Directives

I help individuals protect themselves through living wills, healthcare directives, and the ultimate disposition of their assets.

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Trusted Mountain Counsel

My practice is focused on providing defense to persons throughout the mountains of eastern Kentucky. My clients come to me from leading insurance companies who need representation in a litigation context. Having represented insurance companies and their insureds in more than 50 counties in eastern Kentucky for over 25 years, I am well versed on the local procedures, practices, and judges. I also provide transactional and attorney counseling services to small businesses and basic estate planning, living will, and healthcare directive services to many individuals.

As an attorney with more than 30 years of legal practice, I focus on identifying the key objectives of clients for every matter and seek to obtain the best solution possible in the most efficient manner. My firm and I would welcome the opportunity to learn about how we can help with your legal needs.